Friday, March 8, 2013

Cute Characters

Ever look at those cute little Sesame Street characters on your baby's diaper and wonder, "Why are they there?"  Maybe you haven't...but I have, ha!  I mean the baby can't see them unless you show it to him, and even then, he doesn't really get it.
I was randomly browsing the Pampers website trying to figure out what size diaper my rapidly growing little guy needed next and stumbled across the answer to the looming question!
The characters are to be used as a guide to ensure the fasteners are evenly spaced!
Who knew?!
On another note, to keep your baby happy and help prevent diaper rash, it's a good idea to change your baby's diaper often. 
  • Right before or right after every feeding
  • After every bowel movement
  • Before bedtime
  • When your baby wakes up
  • Before you go out with your baby
Yes, you will go through ALOT of diapers!
Thank you Pampers for all the great info!


  1. Wow. I never knew that, and I never would have guessed that. Wait until your baby starts fighting diaper changes! You'll suddently start reconsidering how many times you actually need to change it! Ha! :)

  2. I've heard they'll start fighting it...which is so strange because who wouldn't want a clean undergarmet?! Don't they understand we are looking out for their best interest?? Guess there are more important things to explore than the changing table!


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