Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby Eczema

What is it? 

Eczema is basically an atopic (strange) skin rash.  The cause is unknown.  In babies, it usually shows up on the cheeks and scalp but may spread other parts of the body.  It looks like dry, thickened, scaly skin.  It can be made up of tiny red bumps that ooze or become infected if scratched.  Eczema typically comes and goes but can be bothersome to the baby and unsightly when it flares.


  • Bath your baby every other day in lukewarm water and use a baby moisturizer afterwards.  (I love Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath soap and Lotion in the purple bottles.)
  • Allow your baby's skin to breathe and stay cool by dressing them in clothing that is not too tight or too warm.
  • Keep your little one's skin protected from extreme weather conditions such as direct sunlight and cold winds.
  • Use mild and/or fragrance-free soaps, moisturizers, and detergents avoiding fabric softeners.
  • Keep the baby from scratching the rash.  You can use baby mittens to cover their hands and keep the nails trimmed.
  • Soothe flare-ups promptly with the treatment below.



It's not a cure for eczema because there isn't one but this combination will definitely clear it up.  One won't work without the other.  They must be used together.  Gently apply the 1% hydrocortisone cream over the rash then apply the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy lotion over the cream to seal it.  Use twice a day until the rash disappears then once a day as needed to prevent flare-ups.
To read more about baby eczema on BabyCenter, click here.
Be sure to consult your doctor if you're ever concerned about your baby's skin.


  1. Miss L has had eczema on her cheeks from about 10 months on. It gets worse when she has a fever or a cold. We use Eucerin several times a day on it...I can't wait for her to outgrow it though! :)

  2. I feel ya! The hydrocortisone cream and Aveeno combo seems to work very well on my little guy's cheeks. Hoping he out grows it too.


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