Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vintage Chic Ivory & Pink Baby Shower!

A few weekends ago, I had the honor of throwing my little sister a Baby Shower!  We were born 18 months apart, got married 2 months apart, and are now having babies 7 months apart!  Yep, we are pretty close!...just wish we lived close.  :(  But that is one of reasons I was so excited about her shower!  It was in Indiana, so I got to go home!  I still say that after living in Florida for almost 7 years now.  Can anyone relate?

On with the shower...

I knew the theme had to be Vintage Chic to match my sister's favorite style, and some of her best-loved colors are "Light Rose" (Pink) & "Antique White" (Ivory) which fit well because she is having a girl!  So, where did I start?  A secret Pinterest board, of course!  But it's not a secret anymore, you can find it here!  I just love how it all came together.  Here are the details!


~ "Cute as a Button" sign alongside baby pics of the mom & dad-to-be ~
~ vintage high chair with hydrangeas & baby's breath and an old handmade baby rocking chair with poem ~
~ OPI Bubble Bath nail polish favors and pink rose burlap runners for the tables ~


For the Sunday afternoon shower, we served pecan chicken salad with croissants, caprese skewers, fruit with dip, cake, mini cupcakes, and pink lemonade!

~ a fun, frilly ruffle cake ~

~ mini pink champagne cupcakes ~

~ pink lemonade in glass mason jars with lace ~


1.  Each guest received a baby sock when they arrived.  The goal was to find its match by the end of the shower.  Then the mommy-to-be got to take the cute little socks home!
2.  A fun headband making station!
3.  Late Night Diapers for Mom Only ~ Idea from Driven by Decor
4.  Daddy-to-Be Quiz ~ He gets asked a few questions about parenting and mom's pregnancy.  Everyone predicts how he answered, even the mom-to-be.  The guest with the most answers right, wins!


~ the beautiful mommy-to-be opening her gifts and a handwritten chalkboard sign ~

You may recognize a similar little soup can from my blueberry post!  I ordered the sweet "I'm IN love" onesie from this website.


About 30 girls were able to attend and even my little guy got to party some between his naps.

I am so grateful to have had the help of my sister's sister-in-law.  She hosted the party and did a TON of the prep work before I arrived the day before the party.  My mom was also instrumental in the planning process.  I had her running all over Indianapolis picking up things here and there.  So a big THANK YOU to both of you!

Mini Cupcakes ~ The Flying Cupcake Bakery
Printables ~ Le Partie Sugar

So excited to be Linking Up over at Semi Homemade Mom this week!

Semi Homemade Mom

Whew...lots going on today!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a precious baby shower!! Great post xoxo

  2. So cute! What a fabulous shower! Love the "make the baby a headband" activity! :)

    1. Thanks, April! It was really fun to plan! Missing you this week in the blogosphere. Hope you're enjoying your Spring Break! :)

  3. Just love this Vintage Chic Ivory & Pink Baby Shower! I am glad that you shared this brilliant post here. My sister needs some baby shower ideas for her best friend and I think this post is absolutely right for her. She has already booked indoor event space NYC and was in need of theme ideas only.

    1. Awesome! Congratulations to your sister and best wishes for a warm welcome with her little one soon!


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