Monday, May 27, 2013

Pie, pie! Oh me, oh my!

When I think of a Memorial Day celebration, I think of a delicious All-American pie like this Strawberry Pie

or a good old-fashioned Butterscotch Pie!

This Peanut Butter Pie would even fit the ticket!

Considering it is Memorial Day, I thought today would be a good day to share some sweet pie facts with you!

Did you know there are 7 states that have recognized the wonderfulness of pie
and claimed a certain variety for their very own?  Yep, it's true!

Delaware ~ Peach Pie

Representing the significance of the state's peach farming industry, peach pie officially belongs to Delaware.  Delaware was the leading producer of peaches in the country during the 19th century and they continued to be a major producer through the 1950s.
I thought peaches only came from Georgia?!

Florida ~ Key Lime Pie

Naturalized in the Florida Keys, key limes are the perfect squeeze for Florida's state pie.  It is also thought that sponge fishermen in Key West first created this pie in the late 1800s.
My mom's fav!  Love the Keys!

Indiana ~ Sugar Cream Pie

A mixture of cream, sugar, and flour baked inside a pie shell and also known as Hoosier Pie!
Sounds amazingly sweet!  Cheers for my home state!  I may just have to make this soon!

Maine ~ Blueberry Pie

Only a certain type of blueberries will do for this pie - wild Maine blueberries, which are harvested from late July to early September!
My fav!

Massachusetts ~ Boston Cream Pie

This pie is actually a cake!  Supposedly early bakers of this dessert baked the cake in pie pans instead of cake tins, hence the name pie not cake.
All this pie and cake talk is making me hungry!

Oklahoma ~ Pecan Pie

Oklahoma is one of the top producers of pecans in the US so it's only fitting that they chose this pie as theirs.  My grandma has an amazing recipe for pecan pie!  Can't wait to try making it myself!

Vermont ~ Apple Pie

The Vermont bill states that when serving a slice of apple pie, a "good faith effort" should be made to include a glass of cold milk, a slice of cheddar cheese weighing a minimum 1/2 an ounce, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or all three.

Happy Memorial Day!

Info from Central Florida Lifestyle magazine

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