Friday, July 5, 2013


Well, there is a VERY long story behind this guy but I'm going to spare you most of the drawn-out details.  Come to find out, he is a girl's best-friend as long as I can get past the wet slobber on my pants, big pouncing paws, extra vacuuming, and new language skills (he speaks German).

You see, my sweet husband decided he wanted we needed a German Shepherd right before we were about to bring our little guy into the world.  I fought tooth and nail against it (being pregnant and all, you can imagine my emotions were getting the best of me...) but I can't win them all, so this 90lb big boy (with BIG teeth)

joined our family right about the same time our 7lb 2oz little boy came on board.

This is one of those sticky and sweet reasons I started a blog.  I didn't think it was a good idea to bring more unknown into the already unknown but it turns out, now that I know (and with lots of prayer), I'm OK with it.

Our lives are now filled with more walks, more play, and more care because of this dog named Unkas.

Welcome to the family, buddy! :)


  1. I must admit was not a fan of German Shepherds until I met Unkas. He is playful, social, and so sweet! Love him!


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