Monday, July 22, 2013

Pet Safety

"Babies love animals, but too much excitement can be harmful to them and pets..."

Here are some guidelines to follow when dealing with kiddos around pets:

Unkas & my little guy (at 6 months)

Pet Safety

  • Always ask the owner's permission before touching their pet.
  • Teach your child to approach animals quietly and calmly, with arms down, and to pet gently.
  • Inform your child to never put his hand through a fence to pet a dog and to ask permission prior to entering someone's yard.
  • Do not let your child put their face against an animal's face.
  • You can allow a toddler to help a parent fill food and water dishes, groom your pet, walk your pet, or go along to the veterinarian.
  • Make sure your pet is completely up-to-date on shots, especially rabies, and checked for worms of any kind.
  • Keep your pet flea- and tick-free, but only use a flea collar that you're sure doesn't carry chemicals poisonous to babies.
  • Your pet's feeding station should be in a location that a crawling baby can be kept out of because even a pleasant pet can become hostile when its food is threatened.

"It is important to teach children to respect pets, making children and pets happier."

I was nervous about these two meeting and getting along,
but so far, the BIG guy and the little guy have gotten along great. :)

Source: Publix Newsletter & Nestle Purina PetCare Company

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