Friday, July 12, 2013

Red Lodge, Montana

Every summer over the 4th of July, we head to Montana to visit my father-in-law.  He lives in good old Red Lodge, which is about an hour southwest of Billings.  We have lots of traditions out there especially on the 4th when we go out for breakfast, watch the annual parade, grab a quick lunch, attend the Champions Rodeo, and join some friends for an evening cookout.

Each year we try to do something a little different so it doesn't seem like Groundhog's Day ;).  Over the past several years, we have...

hiked many trails,

biked down the Beartooth Highway,

whitewater rafted on the Gallatin River,

horse-backed a variety of trails,

toured Yellowstone National Park,

watched pigs race,

visited the Beartooth Nature Center (now the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary),

 and walked on snow in the middle of summer!


Ok, now on to the real reason I started this post, ha!  Sorry, I got carried away for a minute...

One of my favorite things to do in Red Lodge is shop!  I'm not much of a shopper, per say, but this little town has some unique shops so it's fun to wonder around.  One of the shops I especially love is called the Swanky Fork.  I just had to show you what I found during my most recent visit!

How cute is this Le Creuset honey container and dipper?!

I just love this little cow creamer!  My favorite breakfast spot, Dixie Cream Cafe, has some plain white ones just like it!

Can't wait to fill these with vanilla cupcakes and blueberry muffins!

Red Lodge, Montana is a place I will cherish forever and one where I will always enjoy visiting.


  1. Great pictures! Love the one of you on the horse xoxo

    1. Thanks, Katie :) I love horseback riding but I've missed out the passed two years because of the little guy. Maybe next year I can get back on the saddle!

  2. Cute stuff! Love the cow creamer!! :)

  3. LOVE your pictures! Isn't Montana just the best? Hope we can be out there at the same time one year!

    1. Thanks, Courtney! Montana is awesome! I'd love to visit in the winter. I bet it's gorgeous with all the snow! How fun would that be to meet up out there sometime?!

  4. Hilarious! This is where we hang our hats for the summer. What a lovely, slowing down the pace of life place to visit, isn't it? Thanks so much for your blog posts, I am very much enjoying them!

    1. Truly glad you are enjoying my posts! I am posting less frequently now during this season of my life but hope to get back into it more often in the future. Have a great weekend, Johanna!


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