Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rise and Dine!

Many of you moms and dads may subscribe to Parenting Magazine.  I do and usually get some good advice or at least things to ponder from the articles.  I especially loved a little section entitled "Rise and Dine" in the most recent edition.  It states that...

"Kids who regularly eat breakfast scored 4.6 points higher on IQ tests than those who generally skip a morning meal, according to a recent study at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.  Researchers say eating breakfast fuels the brain after a night of fasting, plus interacting with parents at breakfast time promotes brain development, vocabulary, and comprehension skills."

Wow, that's amazing!

Lucky for you, I have some great breakfast recipes that you will love.  Here is a round-up so far.


Whip up one of these to share with your little one and have a Good Morning! :)

PS - You can easily find all my recipes categorized on the "In the Kitchen" tab at the top of the home page.  Check it out here --> In the Kitchen


  1. You are the breakfast queen! We need to make our dates earlier in the day so I can take advantage. xoK

    1. Um, I'm in love with or out! I'd love to meet you anytime. You know I'm up early with the little guy. :)


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